Social Media Strategy

We all know Social Media is a 'must' in 2018. But how do we use it? What do we post? What are our objectives? That's where I can help you with! 

Website building

Building a website can be very difficult, time consuming and above all, expensive! Klick on the link below to check out what I can do for you starting at 600$!

Automating your Administration


We all have way to much administration. From clients contact information, to employee management, accounting, project management... Technology can help! Check out the link below to see how! 


"I had the pleasure to meet Louis in New York during one of his longer stays in 2017. He is talented, full of ideas and determined to pursue his dream of moving to the City one day. I am positive that he will achieve his goal and on his way he will help his clients reach higher targets. His innovative approach to business and problem-solving skills will take him places."