Q1. Who are you?

I'm Louis De Keyser. I was born in Belgium, Founded Tiny House Belgium when I turned 18 and I'm now on a journey to move to New York City! I'm obsessed with New York City and share my journey to Entrepreneurship. I'm sharing my journey trough a Vlog on YouTube called #LouWeekly. I dropped out of High-school when I was 14. I did that because I really don't believe in the education system as it is today and it was just a big waste of my time. 'A institution' that decides for me what to learn and what not to learn just doesn't make sense to me. So by documenting my journey, I want to share what it takes to get 'somewhere' without school. In the future, I hope to make a real change in this world or to see a real shift in the status quo. On this website you can find my blog and some of my videos.

Q2. What do you do?

I split my services up in 3 categories:

  1. Social Media
  2. Website building
  3. Optimizing administration precessies by using digital tools that already exist

I strongly believe that all the tools you need to optimize your business's workflow already exist, you just need to find the right one for you! That's where I can help. There is nothing I can tell you that you wouldn't find yourself by Googling for hours, days... All I do is save you the trouble of trying out new applications you do not have any experience with which can cost thousands of dollars.

Q3. Who are your Customers?

Check out my Portfolio page too see some of my work! Some of my customers are: Outpost-Club (NYC), My Future Works (Ghent BE)...

Q4. How do you work?

I usually start with updating your social media strategy. I strongly believe in "Giving more value then ever taking" from you audience by making content that actually has value. When doing this, I get to know a lot about your business, which is ofcourse very nececairy if I need to build a DM marketing strategy.

After doing this for a few weeks, I make a plan on how your website could be updated in the same style as your social media, how you can link both in an effective way and how you can digitalize sertain processies.

To learn more about that visit the 'Automizing your Administration processies'.

Q5. What's your background?

In 2016 I founded Tiny House Belgium, a company devoted to designing, building, selling and promoting Tiny Houses. I was 18 years old and worked on building out this company for one year. But to explain my background better, I like to go back to when I was 9 years old. My parents decided to move to a different city and build a new house there to do so. During this construction I remember being fascinated by everything that was happening on the jobsite. My dad and I used to go look at the progress every week. When we moved back in 2007 I picked up woodworking. Nothing serious at first, but over the years it let to building Tiny Houses.

For my sweet 16, my parents booked me a trip to the United States. New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia. The US was something I couldn't shut up about, for reasons I know understand better than back then. So I went on this America trip in July 2014 together with 20+ amazing human beings for 10 days. I had a great time but more than that, I fell in love with New York City. So after returning to Belgium, I had to find out a way to get back to America ASAP.

It took me till April 2015. I found a family in Holland true a mutual friend of my parents, that had a house in Mount-Shasta California. They where awesome enough to let me stay there and in exchange they asked me to build a Tiny House for them. I had never done a project this big before, but Americas call was so loud that I went for it! I stayed in California for 3 months and started the build of their Tiny House.

After returning to Belgium I wanted to build my own Tiny House. I was in College at the time, but I started building my own Tiny House in October 2015. I posted some pictures on my personal Facebook and people loved it! So I made a separate Facebook Page pretty soon after. This Page was the start of my company. So many people started reaching out to me and showing interest that in January 2016 I could't ignore it anymore. That's when I decided to start building houses for other people.

This all went well up until September that year. I booked a trip to the United States, from New York City, to California Tiny House in Fresno, to Chicago and back to New York City in 14 days. This is where I realized how strong my dream of moving to New York City actually was. Right after returning from this trip I started looking for people to take over Tiny House Belgium. I had reached a point where I had to decide between doing this or getting a loan (which I do not ever want) and starting to hire people to build.

I went for option 1, selling the business. This took till January 2017 and right after I came back to NYC. After staying here in NYC for a month in January I had to return back home for a lot of awful reasons I won't go into here. All that matters is that I've now been here since April 2017, so about 5 months when I'm writing this and I now know and believe more then ever that NYC is my place, my home, and that I will make it here in the very near future.

Q5. How do you build your websites?

As I mentioned a few times in this website, I strongly believe that everything already exists. It's just a mather of finding the right tool and applications for your specific situations and being able to make the necesairy tweeks and changes to already existing products. Because I believe so strongly in what I just said, I don't code my own sites, I use Squarespace. Squarespace is a new, upcoming website builder which focuses on design and minimalism. They offer a veriaty of templates you can choose from and with the nessesairy plug-ins, you can build a great site.

I like to focus on the content of the site, the layout and the look and feel, which Squarespace makes really easy to do. Find out more about my Website services here.

Q6. What's a Social Media Strategy?

Building a social media strategy consists of 3 steps:

  1. Ananlysing what's already there. Who's your target audiance, who's 'listening' now, where do we have the biggest audiance?...
  2. Making a plan. How are we gonna reach this audiance? What platforms can we use? What medium can we use best? Video> Audio (podcast) a blog... there are so many options to talk to the world, we just need to make sure we pick the right one. I do this by building a 'Content calendar' at least one month in advance where everyone within the company has access too. This shows a certain commitment and gets people within your organisation involved.
  3. Trial and error. We start inplementing our strategy. I believe every company has a different audiance, product and needs to reflect that in the way they communicate. There is no formula to social media. That's why we need to keep trying new things and be honest to ourselves.

Q7. What about SEO?

I do optimize your site for Search Engine Optimization. Like making sure your site has enough keywords, your sitemap is uploaded to Google and Bing... Although I do believe that focusing on your websites' content is way more important in the long term.

Q8. Why would I pay you to build a Squarespace site I can build myself?

Your right, why would you? I have two ansewers to this question:

  1. "It's not about the skill, it's about the experience." I do have quite a bit of experinece with using squarespace which saves you a bunch of lost time trying to figure out basic steps. I also own quite a few plugins which you would have to find and pay for seperatly. I'm sure you can make a website as good as I can, I just think I can add some of my expertise to your website making it the best it can be. I also do not know when to stop, so it's totally possible I come up with an idea for your site weeks or months after finishing the job.
  2. "I'm saving you time, lot's of it." Building a site requires time. If you hire someone to do it, you can focus on your job. It is also refreshing to have someone that doesn't knew your business to expose sertain shortcomings in explainations, graphics...

Q9. Is hosting included?

No, I hand you your new website in 'trial' or 'developer' mode. Once you're happy with how the site looks, I transfer ownership to your Squarespace account and you will need to setup your Squarespace payment. Right now, Squarespace costs about $18/a month for a business account, custom domain included. You can contact me for any further questions.

My number one goal os to teach people within your company how to use social media in a business context and to make myself irrelevant ASAP.