What did I do? 

At first, My Future Works approached me with questions about their Social Media. Pretty soon after, we started exploring options for a new website and 1 month later their new site, www.myfutureworks.be, was online. I also introduced them to Slack, an application on your phone and desktop that helps you streamline communications within your business. Right now I'm focusing on their Social Media and on Atomization. You can read more about that here

Social Media managing and content

My Future Works first aproached me with questions about Social Media. They run a network of Career Coaches all over Flanders and Brussels to help people find the job that fits them best. They didn't really know what to do on their social accoutns, with their service being very abstract, compairing it with a company that builds products.

1st: It started of with 'Pillar content':

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why do you do it?

Every post on social media and your website has to align with one of these pillars.

2and: Show your people.

I'm a strong believer in this Quote: "People buy from people, not companies." So, show your people! We Started off with videos that are 2-3 minutes long intervieuwing 20 of their coaches asking them three simple Questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why do you do it?

These videos now come out every week on: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also made a "Quote series" where we feature a quote from every coach like this one. Working in 'Series' is an eay way to stay ontop of your content and bringing continuity to your Social Media platforms. Just make sure to keep updating your series so people don't get tired of your content.

3rd: Talk about your industry.

I really believe in 'Media'. Meaning: give your audiance your expertise, instead of keeping it a secret. The leverage you'll get over your competitors is invaluable. Think about it: "If this company gives me free information, knowlage... and their competitor doesn't, what company would I choose if I need services they both provide?" Yeah...

I love the example of the Michelin Stars for restaurants. The company Michelin makes Car Tires, why would they bother creating a book about restaurants? They made this book to get people to drive further, to restaurants an hour outside Paris, or in the middle of the country somewhere, so they would drive longer distances and so they need to renuw their tires more frequently. By using their brandname (Michelin Stars) People will contiusly or uncontiusly think about them when the time comes to renuw their tires. I love this level of sofistication and I think it's a great way to market a business.

A new Website

After working on their social media for 2 months, I brought up that their website looked very outdated. So they gave me permition to build a new site considering the following requirements:

  1. We have a set budet
  2. We want to make easy changes to the content ourself in the future
  3. Social Media has to be integrated in the site

So I got working on it and this is the result: www.myfutureworks.be I like this quote a lot: "Continues improvement is better then delayed perfection." And that's how I build my websites. It's always better to have your concept online, eventhough it's not completed yet, or does not have all the features you wanted, then delaying your launch.

Some of the features I'm still working on:

  1. Profile pages for all of their coaches that displays their personal website and social media links, a map of their coaching locations, a bio, a calendar with events they will be organising...
  2. A login page for their personel where coaches can: Change their locations, upload an event that we can then automatically upload to our website and social media, a way to add their customer data...
  3. A login page for their customers where they can: vieuw a timeline of their trajectory progress, download documents and notes from their coach, can start a live chat with their coach...

I'll write more about this in Automations once I'm done with these features.

Streamlining internal communications

You know how it is. You get an email from Jules to change his phone number, a WhatApp message from Linda to cancel her event, a Facebook Message from Jef to let you know about his new website... This is very overwhelming and timeconsuming.

My Future Works had this porblem too, so I introduced them to Slack.. Slack is a application on your phone and desktop that streamlines communications within your business. You can easily make 'channels' (Which are basically groups) for every project that's running within your company so everyone involved is always up to date.

You can find more information about Slack on their website: www.slack.com

I helped them by:

  1. Introducing them to the App
  2. Help them optimize it with the right Plug-ins for their needs. Like linking it with their google drive, adding a Greetbot, adding a voice call app...
  3. By hosting 2 webinars for their employees to explain what Slack is and how we are planning on using it

Automating their administration

I'm still woring on their Automization. Please come back later to see what I did ;)



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